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Ordering For Your Furry Family Member?

Don't like ingredients in your food that you can't even pronounce? We get that, we don't either - and your dog shouldn't as well!

The raw diet has become very popular in recent years, and we've done our best to adjust to this change. All products are what they say they are with no additives or funny-named preservatives so you know exactly what your pet is eating.

Beef Marrow Bones: Whole or Sliced

                          $4.99lb  /   $5.99lb

Call for Reservation

*Chicken Necks (Sold by the Case)

  Average Cost = $45/cs

Call for Reservation

Chicken Leg Quarters

Average Cost = $1.69/lb

Call for Reservation

Ground Chicken


Ground Turkey


Beef Liver

20-30lb Case:  $2.39/lb

1lb increments:$2.99/lb 

*Chicken Hearts

40lb case: $2.09/lb

10lb  bag:  $2.49/lb

2lb   Tubs:  $2.99/lb

This list will continue to grow based on needs and demands.

For further inquiries, give us a call for pricing or other products.

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