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 A real butcher makes their own pork sausage....

Flavors tend to be seasonal, but we offer:

Hot, Sweet, Garlic and Cheese,

Breakfast Links

*Summer Additions*

Sweet with Cheddar Cheese and Jalapenos,

Chinese / Sweet Red Pork Sausage

All of our burger is made from the very trimmings of the steaks we cut.

Customers have consistently told us how much they enjoy the taste of our burger, and we attribute that to how we make it.

So what's in our burger?

Only the best:

London Broil, Top Round Steak, Chuckeye Rounds.... yes, we even include: Ribeye, New York Strip, T-Bone, Porterhouse, and even Steak-tips

This all makes our two types:

Ground Sirloin (90-95% Lean)


Ground Chuck (80-85% Lean)

Our Staple

For steaks, we offer USDA Grade Choice or higher (Only Prime is graded higher than Choice)

Angus is NOT a grade of beef, it is just the type of cow!

Our steaks include, but are not limited to:


Bone-in Ribeye,



Tenderloin / Filet Mignon,

Steak-tips (Flap Meat),

New York Sirloin,

Top Round,

London Broil,

Chuck Roast, Tip Roast, Spoon Roast, Rib Roast... etc!


Cuts included:

Boneless Chicken Breast,

Chicken Tenderloins,

Boneless Thighs,

Chicken Wings

(Drums and Flats only - no wing-tips)

Marinated Breast

100% all white breast meat

(Teriyaki and Garlic n' Parmesan)

Don't forget to treat your canine family member!

(If you're looking for these items, it is best to call ahead by about 7-days and place an order to ensure delivery)

Leg Quarters,


Chicken Necks


We might be a butcher-shop, but we also support our local fishermen and diggers.

The majority of our product is right from the Coast of Maine (Greater Portland in particular)

What we carry:

Mud Clams (Steamers),

Live Lobster (Seasonal),

Fresh & Frozen Lobster Meat,

Fresh & Frozen Haddock Filets,

Wild Caught Salmon,

Dry Sea-Scallops,

Seafood Stuffing, Crab Cakes, Clam Cakes... etc

Prepared Foods

This section of the case is very seasonal, but we offer a host of in-house made delights.

What we carry:

Potato and Egg Salad,

Red Bliss Potato Salad,

Chicken, Walnut, & Cranberry Salad,


Italian Meatballs,

Bacon, Cheddar, & Ranch Salad,

Macaroni (Elbow) Salad,

Pasta Salad,

Shepherd's Pie,

Salisbury Steak,

...and more!

About Us:

We're a family owned and operated business for over 40 years.

We hope to extend that service further into the future by catering to you.

Forever In Our Hearts

Michael Hoglund Jr.
6/27/65 - 2/25/23

Michael Hoglund Jr. (Left) was owner and operator of Sirloins (Formerly Countryside Butchers) after the passing of his father: Michael Hoglund Sr. (Right).

It is with a heavy heart I write of his untimely passing. Michael Jr. was well known and loved for his deeds and treatment of both his personnel and patrons.

He was always fair and honest and most importantly, a diligent salesman trying to get the best price for those he cared for and tended to.

He was a father, brother, and an 'early' grandpa, we will all miss him here at Sirloins, for his absence is a big void to fill.

  -Forever and Always

        Sirloin's Butcher Shop

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