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Holida Roasts

Order Your Christmas & New Year's
Holiday Roasts

We will be selling Prime Grade Export (Bone-In) Ribeyes this year, but we will be limited on how many we can offer! Reserve one for this Holiday Season.

We will also be carrying a very limited inventory on Frenched, Choice Grade Tomahawk Rib Roasts. A great centerpiece to any family gathering.

*To guarantee availability and receive pricing information, give us a call and place your name on Sant--- I mean Sirloin's Butcher Shop's List*

Pork Crown Roast

Fresh bone-in porkloin wrapped and tied in the shape of a crown. A cheaper alternative to this holiday's winter gathering and still a very tasty option!

Filet Mignon

(Beef Tenderloin)

Fresh never frozen grade choice or higher. 

A lean cut of beef that usually can be cut with a spoon!

Bone-in or Boneless


We offer this roast both with or without the bone. Prices do vary by choice*.

This item can also be 'Bone & Tied': The bone is cut-off for your convenience, and tied back on so you can just cut it away when done cooking.

Buddaball Ham

A meaty muscle ham. It's quality tried and true and an Easter favorite. You won't want a spiral ham after having this one (And it's lower sodium!).

Avoid this holiday's supermarket clamor by
shopping with us, your local butcher.

Happy Holidays

Also Available: Ducks, Geese, & Lamb

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