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Farm Fresh Never Frozen
Thanksgiving Turkey

Expected price: $2.99lb

       *For safety purposes, all turkeys, including fresh are shipped with a glaze to an inch layer of ice for transportation reasons.

Holiday Ham

Ham prices will vary based on which type you'd like. We will be carrying Buddaball Hams as well as Smoked Shoulders. 

Bone-in OR Boneless
Prime Rib Roast

     We offer both Bone-in and Boneless ribeye roasts - cut to any size you'd like.

     We also offer bone and tied rib roasts (The bone being cut off, and tied back on for the flavor, but easier to eat!).

    Rib roasts will fluctuate in price until the date gets closer, so stay tuned.

*If you are looking for lamb shanks, or other lamb products, we carry those for the holiday season.

Avoid this year's supermarket hustle and bustle by shopping with us, your local butcher.

Call today to place your order: (207)-839-2588

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